Terms Hupperten Kommunikation

1.  Engaging and Legal Foundations

1.1 Each order is effective only after written confirmation by Hupperten Kommunikation.

1.2 The working relationship is a copyright contract, which of the given to the creation in order directed work and the granting of rights to use this work.

The customer acquires the right to use the work within the agreed framework.

The provisions of the copyright act in connection with the work of contract law BGB.

The client shall be the exclusive right of use acc. § 31 Section 3 of the copyright act granted.

1.3. Designs & Working drawings of Hupperten Kommunikation are considered personal, spiritual creation within the meaning of copyright law, even if the level of creation of § 2 of the copyright act does not should be achieved.

Proposals by the principal or other contributions argue no joint copyright and have unless otherwise agreed, no influence on the amount of the agreed payment.

1.4 Designs & working drawings supply main, including the copyright notice neither the original nor be changed in the reproduction and supply main only for the agreed type of use and the agreed purpose be utilized as agreed.

Deviations strictly need the previous agreement, which reserves Hupperten Kommunikation, to require an additional usage fee .

2. Payment or Fee

2.1 Designs and working drawings, together with the rights of use a consistent performance and are covered by the agreed fee.

2.2 Practice the client does not preclude the use option, this has no impact on the amount of the fee. If design or working drawings shall be created without a granting of a Right of Use is intended, this requires a separate agreement.

2.3. The fee shall, unless agreed otherwise, after the idea and concept development and as payment prior to the conclusion of third-party services such as graphic works or productions pressure due.

If work is delivered in parts, a corresponding part payment is in decrease of the respective part due.

2.4 Fees are each net amount payable plus the respective VAT.

3 Liability

3.1 The Client shall assume responsibility for the approval of this work responsibility and liability for the accuracy of image and text.

3.2 Liable for the competition or trademark laws, admissibility and registration of the designs and working drawings.

3.3 For shared by the client works all liability of Hupperten Kommunikation.

3.4 The exam whether the designs and drafts of Hupperten Kommunikation violate any rights of third parties responsible, the client prior to the public use of the works.

3.5 If Hupperten Kommunikation requested by the client outside services in the and on whose account name is in order, shall not be liable Hupperten Kommunikation for the performance and results of the service provider commissioned.

3.6 Provided by the client templates ( eg photos , texts, models, samples, etc.) are H Hupperten Kommunikation used under the condition that the customer for their use is justified. A liability of Hupperten Kommunikation in case of breach rights of third parties is eliminated. The Client undertakes to Hupperten Kommunikation of any third claims indemnify.

4 Copies

From reproduced works are Hupperten Kommunikation at least three copies free of charge to Hupperten Kommunikation may also be used for self-promotion.

5 Severability and Court and Place of Performance

5.1 Should one or more of the above provisions be invalid, it is the effectiveness of the remaining provisions shall not be touched.

5.2 Place of performance gets for both parties, the seat of Hupperten Kommunikation.

5.3 Jurisdiction is if the customer is a merchant, only Berlin.